Jayshree approaches the design process as a personal collaboration with each client. While she consistently stamps every project with a dramatic sensibility, each project is unique, taking its cue from the client, the architecture and the setting. She commits to an inclusive process, making users an integral part of the design process. The Result – invigorating interior spaces for people to live and function in.

A native of Mumbai, India, Jayshree earned an Associates Degree in Architecture and a Diploma in Interior Design. she established her name-sake firm in 2009 in the US. It was after 15 plus years of experience working in Bombay and Singapore that she was off on her own.

"Romantics prefer to stay in the contemporary Penthouse Suite, with its own entrance and enclosed hot-tub deck. The Penthouse bathroom, with soaking tub inside a massive mosaic-tiled shower, is in a luxury class all itself."
"Jayshree has been working with my family for as long as I can remember, and has been involed with so may of our projects we essentially call her family.

Sashin Gandhi

Super 8

"Jayshree has never failed to deliver. In the 4 years I have been doing the Interlaken Inn resort with her, it has been a home run everytime.

Kevin Bousquet

Interlaken Inn

"I can totally depend on her to understand the requirements, come up with exactly what is required, and be on budget.

Sailesh Gandhi

Gandhi Residence

"I just love everything she creates. It is such a pleasure watching her passion and involvement with her work.

Michelle Bousquet

Interlaken Inn